Monday, January 28, 2008


This picture came to me by way of a forward. The source of the picture was attributed to a lady in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, taken on Saturday. Deer on the deck. Looking in the sliding glass door. That would certainly bring excitement in this household! I wouldn't want the deer to be finding their way through the window... Brings to mind the story I read over at Simply Outdoors about Jeff's deer hunt that seemed to find the bucks confused. At any rate, I wanted to share this picture of a buck, nose to nose, looking longingly into the eyes of an individual of the opposite species. You just wonder what they're thinking???

POST UPDATE March 5, 2008: The original photographer of this picture has offered the facts. Please read the following - This is in regards to the deer and Cat photo. It had been brought to my attention that some one claiming to had taken this photo is from Wisconsin. i am just here to say this is not true, i am the owner of this photo and it was posted in the " country Extra" magazine - Jan issue of 2008 - page 22. It clearly states Marilyn Thornbery, outta Colorado was the photographer. i took this shot and a series of approx 10 more in sequence of the interactions between my cat and the deer. so if your reading this Post and can pass along the information and give credit due where it belongs, i'd appreciate it. Thank you, M. Thornbery