Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Fishing

It isn't going to be long now until it is time to be out on the lake, or river, looking for some exciting tussles with those finned fighters. Went to Cabela's to hear a woman angler speak of her experiences and association but found she wasn't able to attend the Spring Outdoor weekend after making our trip of 2 hours 40 minutes northward. Hubby and I decided to head over to the fishing section anyway where we did get in on part of an informative seminar by Mike Frisch. The seminar was titled -"Early Season Walleyes in the Shadow Seasons." He was speaking about what he has found beneficial in his love of snagging the Spring Walleye. Mr. Frisch went as far as laying out his specific method of fishing a favorite lake on the Minnesota/North Dakota border. The scenario was how to locate the schools of fish after days of high winds out of the Northwest at this time of the year. He told us he found them on the backsides of land outcroppings after the wind died down. Walleyes are generally lazy fish looking for food to float by them while they lay in the currents. I don't know how many of you use GPS systems to locate bottom formations to find likely fishing hot spots but it was something that came up during the seminar. Mike does use it to maximize his time on the lakes. He covered what baits and lines he used for in the Spring. In closing his seminar Mr. Frisch told those in attendance when the Spring Walleyes quit biting he is off to fish Bass... What are your stories or tips for fishing Walleyes?