Saturday, March 22, 2008

Writings by Linda K. Burch

Last week I met a very vivacious huntress by the name of Linda K. Burch. She began her hunting passion when she was 37 years old, that was 18 years ago. Linda comes across as a positive go getter. Since our introduction I have been reading her writings to gain a more complete picture of who she is and where her articles are published. She has started her own safety supply company with items you might be familiar with - "Firetacks" products for marking trails. A women that lives and breathes hunting, Linda has done some writing for Her range runs from instructional to humorous.

Once again we are reaching a time of year where outside activities are increasing. If you have a minute to bookmark Linda's writings, I believe you will find entertainment, and tips to checkout after those tiring trips to the timber. She is a Christian woman with a positive voice for the proliferation of the art of ethical hunting in the world of women today...