Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Deer Meat Recall

The Iowa DNR issued a warning to the people in the State that benefit from the HUSH Program(Help Us Stop Hunger). Distribution of donated ground deer meat has been halted until officials get the all clear from the tests being done at the State Hygenic Lab in Ankeny, IA.. Residents of Iowa are still waiting for releases to be made for the charities to begin using the meat again. People with private supplies should not become alarmed and dispose of the meat needlessly. This came after Health officials in North Dakota sent out a recall Wednesday, March 26th. Being tipped off by two Bismarck doctors they x-rayed 95 packages of donated deer meat and found 53 of the packages carried metal fragments. Minnesota, decided to follow the lead of the other two states in temporarily withholding pounds of protein that charity groups depend on to help cover the needs of the needy. It has been pointed out that Iowa hunters primarily use shotguns for hunting whitetail. Our North Dakota, co-horts however are allowed to use high-powered rifles, lead tipped high-velocity bullets. RECALL UPDATE: After testing the donated deer meat Iowa Officials have found only two incidents of a tiny amount of lead fragments. The supply has been cleared for public consumption once again as of April 1st,2008.