Friday, April 18, 2008


Sitting here at my desk this morning after 4:30 I felt shaking and a little rolling of our house. My chair and desk were shaking,paper in the printer was vibrating...WHEW!!! I live in a mobile home presently and from one end to the other we have an elevation. Stacked concrete blocks were placed under the axells to level the structure. The first thought was that the increased ground moisture had made the blocks settle further into the ground under the weight of the building. Then the report came over the early morning local news that the USGS had reported a 5.4 earthquake at West Salem,IL. located on the New Madrid Fault line. My research on the USGS website revealed the exact locations that experienced the tumbler directly. SELECT EARTHQUAKE LOCATION DATE TIME MAGNITUDE 22 miles SSE of Olney, Illinois (ID hwb0418a) APR 18 2008 04:36:59 CDT 5.4 21 miles SW of Vincennes, Indiana (ID 2008qza6) APR 18 2008 04:36:58 CDT 5.2 19 miles SSE of Olney, Illinois (ID 851141) APR 18 2008 04:36:57 CDT 5.4 Hey Folks ! How many of you felt the earth move this morning???