Monday, August 18, 2008

Cloud Tales

Cloud Tail The above picture of a curious cloud formation was seen hanging over our west pasture before sunset one evening.We had a night filled with some severe weather in central Iowa, on the evening of August 14th. Here at home we just had lots of clouds, some swift breezes,and eventually some rain. Hubby's Experimental Aircraft Association's monthly meeting was interrupted by a sighted tornado over the city of Marshalltown. It stayed parallel to the clouds,but was visibly rotating. This summer has brought some really pretty evening clouds...or maybe I have seen more of them,because of my increased encouragement to be outside. The clouds in the picture below changed constantly. As did the way the shadows developed as the sun passed from top to bottom as it finally dropped below the horizon. Created a sense of peace and beauty as it slipped silently out of view... ;) July 15,2008