Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Buck Fever

Well folks it has begun! Buck fever is starting here at Timber Life. This guy has been hanging around in the close neighborhood. The same buck I believe I saw with the doe a week ago, in the west pasture. From my vantage point I saw eight points. Got this picture with my Hubby's camera. I had taken my camera with me in the car, and it didn't make it back into the house, because of plans for today. The attempt to go behind the house, to my car in the drive, at the side was almost successful. Freezing in my tracks didn't help this time . He swiftly exited once he got anxious. Checking back in the archives here, I wrote about "Sparring Whitetail Bucks", on October 16,2007 . Wonder if this buck happened to be apart of that bunch? Needless to say , once again that internal - primal awakening is raising the awareness of that rustling sound coming through the brush... ;)