Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Enabling the Disabled Young Hunter

The season is soon upon us for a group of disabled young hunters here in Iowa, to get out into the field to participate in a deer hunt. I must give credit to local reporter Julie Probasco-Sowers, in making us aware of the great things happening in the lives of those who might not otherwise get the opportunity. Hunter Zach Mecham, will be sporting a gun rest specifically made for his wheelchair to steady his gun for a more sure shot. He plans to use a custom- made shotgun to reduce the recoil to make his hunt more manageable. It is thanks to two gunsmiths, Rick Barton and Charlie Soderquist at the Scheels All Sports in West Des Moines, that he will be able to participate in an event called theWhitetail Challenge. Zach, will be one of 15 people taking part in the hunt, taking place on property owned by Mill Creek Ranch and Radakovich Cattle Co. Owners Ron Mason of Mill Creek Ranch, Steve and Penny Radakovich of Radakovich Cattle Co. are co-founders of the North Branch Wildlife Management organization started in 2005 . They wanted to supply a place to those who aren't able to go on their own into hunting situations. Partnering with the Department of Natural Resources, the Quality Deer Management Association, and the Spinal Cord injury Association of Iowa to gain the resources needed to make the total experience possible for the young, and disabled hunters of any age or ability. The hunt for the 15 youngsters is to take place September 26-28th, not that far away. Zach ,14, has been target shooting since he was 11 or 12. He has 4 brothers, two older and two younger, that are active in hunting. Hunting is one of the things that they enjoy as a family and he wants to be apart of it as well. It is really great to know that Zach, and others ,have been empowered by individuals who envision character building, mentoring events to assist in managing their area wildlife, and helping to fulfill dreams...

Sadie Says - Fence Wrangling

Working a fence line here... Mom needed some help to start moving old barbed wire and wooden fence posts. The best I could do was checkout the progress. Tried pulling on the wire , but Mom chased me away. Told me I could supervise on this job. We are manicuring the space between yard, and pasture in preparations for some plans to take place in the Spring. Mom will be taking out some shrubs , her little garden, and 2 trees that seemed to take forever for her to get growing. The deer have a way of pruning small plants that can lead to years of small plants. Better be on my way or Mom will wonder what I'm up to. She keeps a pretty close eye on what I'm doing. What a gal! ;)