Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sadie Says - GONE NUTS!!!!

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch.... YUMMY, or at least I think yummy??? The last couple of weeks I have been getting a taste of some commodities that are hitting the ground. I will use the phrase used by Chicken Little in the children's story,"The Sky is Falling!" Every time I walk outside these days I hear something thudding onto the ground or plunking down onto the pick-up sitting in the drive. Mom keeps telling me what's happening ,but I'm just a puppy ...reminders are always welcome. We have a friendly competition to see who can find those hidden morsels on the ground every time we are outside. I thought since Mom was so interested in them I would give them a try. Great CRUNCH factor! I will put a name to the tree and it's nuts. It is Hickory a member of the Walnut family. You've seen our Oak trees which have had a real good crop of acorns this season. The animals dependent on them for a food source should have a good supply, at least until the snow covers them over. Then there are Black Walnut trees galore. Some of the walnuts have already dropped from the trees leaving the rind to mature and begin the cycle of the squirrels constant drive to tuck them beneath the dirt until they are all hidden.(EVERYWHERE!) ;)