Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Roving Cows

Tis the time of year for the weather to be a changin'! We have a herd of cows that spend time pasturing in fields behind our property from early Spring until the end of October. It never fails, in the Fall, groups of cows seem to always find a weak spot somewhere along the lines to escape the humdrum of short grass. They wander into the fields of maturing beans, and corn, to complete their diets, to get ready for harsher weather ahead; even though they are headed for a more sheltered location in a few weeks. Hubby has been seeing the marauders from the air when he takes flight, and buzzes them back in the direction they should go to get home. There have been two cows and three calves hanging out in the ravine close to his runway the last few days. This morning we saw two cows and two calves when they decided to walk the quarter mile up the drive to the house to see if there was any new vegetation to sample. Somewhere they had lost the third calf, even though I believe I heard it still in the general vicinity. Apparently, they didn't approve of the location of some 10'x10' deer food plots I am grooming for next year. 2"x2"x24" wooden stakes were pulled up from the corners to make room for better grazing. There are 10 foot grass seperations between each bed which didn't seem to be sufficient... Sorry for the time of day lighting. Can't really see the missing markers in the far beds. Sadie, of course wanted in on some action. She is getting really bored these days. No Pheasants to chase don't 'cha know. ;) However, she remained inside so as not to stir the wrath of the "Big Bossy Cows." The Roving Cows stayed around just long enough to make things comfortable for the next visit???