Thursday, November 13, 2008

Eating Green

Eating Green??? As I hear the question echoes coming in from the blogosphere. We are hearing alot these days about the Green Revolution. The contruction of buildings both commercial, and residential,fabrics we use for our clothes, cleaning formulas, energy to power our every day needs and last but not least our transportation. However, today I am not going to be addressing any of the afore mentioned topics. What then, you say is all this about, "Eating Green"??? The answer happens to be a huge head of cabbage in the 15+lbs. range. It happened my way when my brother, an owner/operator of an 18 wheeler, delivered a load of these members of the brassica family to a grocery warehouse. Now, I am thinking of all the ways to use it up. A very sweet Fall treat considering it's size. Thanks brother Ed! ;)