Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving Write About the Good Challenge

Thanksgiving is right around the corner...I have many things to be thankful about. However, I would like to take the time to be apart of the Thanksgiving Write About the Good Challenge. Kristine over at Hunt Smart Think Safety has ask us to write about a mentor that has influenced our activities in the great outdoors. It is my extreme pleasure to tell you about the gentleman that enabled me to go after the abundant Whitetail. A neighbor of 74 years young, that has hunted in our area since he was old enough to carry a gun and a year round fisherman. He learned of my desire to be out stalking when I mentioned how I would like to see what the gunshots on my property were bringing down. The next season, he came bearing a well used Remington 20 gauge which I used for a couple of years, before I got my new Remington 870 Youth Express. Last year during Shotgun Deer Season he was going through Chemotherapy for Prostate Cancer. He went hunting anyway, and took down his limit for each gun season, processing them on his own. This summer after receiving a clean bill of health he has been very busy living each day to the fullest. His name, Merlin Klaas, a hunter-fisherman that loves the Outdoors. An inspiration to to all that have the opportunity to know him.