Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sadie Says - Let Me at 'Em

Let me at 'em. Just let me at 'em!!! Paws moving briskly across the keypad. I was able to get it commandeered A-G-A-I-N.(with a maniacal giggle) Mom is really falling behind here lately. I need to start getting things back on track. Don't want her blogging buddies to think she has forgotten them. Looks like I need to help her get the words out. For some reason she got these two long sticks out with a long rope that she plays with alot these days. As if she doesn't have anything ELSE to do...She acts like nothing matters, but playing with the two sticks and long rope.
Says she is making a scarf for somebody across the Mississippi, way off in Illinois. Gettin' cold over there she says. Got to RUFF about that cause it is gettin' cold here too. Where's my scarf? Talk about being ignored!!! An 8 month old puppy can only take that for so long...HRUMPH! Finally looks like Mom made it to 100 blog posts the other day,with my help. Yeah, uh huh with my Yelp.(as I slide across the kitchen floor in jubilation) Goodness, who would have ever thought she would get that far in a year?!? Sometimes it is just like pulling teeth to get her to stop and think. Ahhhhh, now that I have gotten somethings off my back , I can rest a little easier, knowing everybody has heard my rambling barks another day.....;)