Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sadie Says - Ith a Curth!

OH dear friendths! There is thomething I juth found laying behind Mom's couth. My mouth ith only half working 'cauth part of it ith stuck to this black thingy with sticky stuff ALL over it. Ith a CURTH! ITH a CURTH!!! That was the first time around. Mom pulled it out with just a few lip hairs. Then a little while later in my explorations I found another black thingy on the other end of the couth. Ith a CURTH! ITH a CURTH!!! Mom thought it was pushed far enough away from the edge and various other obstacles in place that I wouldn't be able to get to it. HA HA HA! Guess she still doesn't know the power of SUPER SADIE the wonder Springer... Let me explain, very early this morning Mom was up and around. She heard and saw a couple of little squeakers. Soooo C-u-t-e those little timber mice. She was just havin' a cool , calm, and collected matter of fact discourse on "Well, it's that time of year again..." Maybe, now you have an idea what I'm being tempted by. The second time I wasn't as fortunate as the first. That black thingy with the sticky stuff ALL over it got stuck on my upper lip again.Tried to get it off with my foot. Then I grabbed it with my mouth to get it off my foot. Help ME! It is firmly fixed to my right front foot. Ith a CURTH! ITH a CURTH!!! Now Dad is out of bed - I gave him something to laugh about while he was getting ready for work. Mom got the scissors out to take off the biggest share of the black thingy and sticky stuff. Then she got out the creamy peanut butter she got for the grandkids....started massaging my stuck foot. Little by little it loosened up until it dropped away. The Curse has been lifted. At least for today, because I know where there are three more to play with. ;)