Saturday, January 10, 2009

Iowa Deer Muzzleloader Coming to an End

The Iowa Deer Hunting seasons are beginning to wind down. Last night brought a new blanket of snow to cover what had become bare to ice covered ground. Wind is to start being a factor tomorrow, opening day of the January Antlerless that runs from the 11th - 25th. More snow is on the way for Monday and Tuesday - a drop off of daytime highs. Ah winter... Today is the end of the second Muzzleloader season. There has been some activity on the adjacent open bean field to the south. At this point, the only report I have heard is of not getting kills with shots fired. Deer injuries seemed to have been the majority of results. I did hear from a hunter tracking a droptine buck. An atypical antler formation for this area, estimating it to score 180 - 200 on the Boone & Crockett scale. He told me that he had injured him and the animal was observed to be staying in my timber. I gave him permission to get the buck if it had been injured, that was early this past week. Another stipulation was that I get to see this buck that lived in our neighborhood. So far no updates have been received as to his succcess... 2008-2009 Iowa Deer Seasons Youth - Sep. 20th - Oct. 5th Disabled - Sep. 20th - Oct. 5th Archery- Oct. 1st - Dec. 5th Dec. 22th - Jan. 10th Muzzleloader - Early Oct. 11th - 19th Late Dec. 22nd - Jan. 10th Shotgun - First Dec. 6th - 10th Second Dec. 13th - 21st November Anterless - Nov. 28th - 30th January Antlerless- Jan. 11th - 25 th STATEWIDE RESULTS - Last Updated: Sat. Jan. 10th 10:45:39 CST 2009 Does - 64652 Antlered Bucks - 48918 Button Bucks - 13846 Shed Antler Bucks - 986 Total as of last update - 128402