Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hungry Deer

The deer have been populating open areas to feed. They are hungry and continue to search for food at all hours of the day now. Timber floors still being covered with layers of snow, takes the deer out where the sun has opened ground in the thawing spells of last weekend. These deer are only a sampling of what I saw and what has been seen. Notice all the young ones...that number continues to grow because of the capability of 6 month old does to conceive and become mothers. I continue to see a very small deer,which I assume was born at the end of last summer, running with the herd. Too much attention sent them off to look just over the fence for somewhere else to enjoy a nibble...

Iowa Youngster on the Hunt

In The Des Moines Sunday Register, out of Des Moines, IA. last weekend. This little 7 year old hunter's story from last April's season inspires all of us to keep trying... With the support of his family Andrew took his first turkey on the second day of the Iowa's 2008 Spring youth season. The weather was less than ideal, winds ranged between 30-40 miles per hour, mixed rain, sleet and snow . His dad said they had practiced for shots at 15 -20 yards,nothing over 30. However, if Andrew was to get a bird that day, before the two turkeys that came into view disappeared, Andrew would need to take a long shot of 41 yards. Andrew drew his Remington 870, positioned it in the shooting sticks as his dad called in the birds, his mom was catching the event on video. Success! He got a 20 pound gobbler with an 8-inch beard with 10 additional bristles that created another 2-inch beard. What a wonderful way to get a "First" turkey. In the presence of mom, dad, sister and brother, a family affair... ;)