Saturday, March 21, 2009

Sadie Says - A Year Old and Counting

It was my 1st Birthday on March 18th,2009. I am so happy to be a part of Timber Life! ;) My goodness of all the days that have past since I started exploring the big old wide world.Aren't I a Sweetheart? One of my first excursions onto the floor of the alley way beside my kennel on May 2,2008 Yes, on March 18th, mom and dad gave me a little party to celebrate my 1st Birthday. Just to think it won't be until May 15th, that we will pass another milestone, a year since I made the trip from Madison,SD., to Central Iowa. Mom met Dorothy Sanborn from South Dakota's Countryside Kennels at the Sioux Falls, SD., Pilot to bring me home. Mom and I have had some growing pains, but we are getting to know each other real well. There is a very strong mutual admiration society happening here. A real plus is that I was house broken by the time I was 5 1/2 months old. Mom has heard it is hard to get a Springer Spaniel potty trained...not at my house it wasn't. I am a smart girl. My favorite new tricks are to twirl and roll-over,for a treat of course. Mom has started trusting me to run off my leash when we go into the timber. How very happy that has made me! We get to go together now. There are a couple of small creeks with water running, you should see the M-U-D up to my shoulders. Can't possibly avoid it don't you know?!? All I would like to say in closing is that this is turning out to be heaven in my book. Just a chance to live the Timber Life... ;)