Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joining the Morel Mushroom Hunters

Ahhh, 4:00 in the afternoon rolled around yesterday. The bird sound went off on the wall clock and Sadie headed for the door to go outside. I pulled myself away from the Office Professional Word 2007 individual studies I have been working on...Away we went! This week,the week before Mother's Day, is usually the week we start seeing morels here,then it seems to end abruptly at that point, or we stop looking. It took me a while to find them. I went to the place that has been the most productive since we moved here and started searching. As you can see they are hiding out of view. I removed some vegetation before snapping a couple of pictures. The timber has been holding moisture, a down slope from the tillable ground has brought the water to the surface . Sadie and I felt pretty good after our romp in the woods. She found the water and had a good mud-pack going on;I found some mushrooms to put on the table for supper. What a great way to end the day?!? ;)