Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Fishing Spots

Sunday, Mother's Day, I got to decide what we , Hubby and I, would do to celebrate the day. The choice to go fishing, to try out my new fishing poles, was at the top of the list. Hubby had been given forewarning earlier in the week since I didn't want to spring the concept on him at the last minute. However, he wasn't aware that the fishing poles were "pink." I had introduced him to my new aquisitions when they arrived. However, Hubby is color blind and I have been told that he discerns pink as gray. So, being the fair woman that I am... I told him just a few minutes before we were to leave on our fishing excursion. ;) We spent a couple hours fishing off the point by the tree in the first picture where the ground is worn from traffic.The roots provide terraced steps or a place to sit while waiting for a fish to come along. We did see small fish darting along in the shallow water a couple feet off shore just to tease us, not interested in any lure we had to offer at that time of day. Turns out we had another fishing pole and reel combo hanging in the garage that is suited for the other better half of this partnership. The black "Berkley" rod and reel combo just needed a little tweaking for it to be ready to put the line in the water. It wasn't long after we left our first fishing spot that the locals moved back in to take over their home again. Time to try a different location that had been given as a fairly good place to catch fish by the Iowa DNR weekly fishing report. We headed to the bottomside of the Spillway from Big Creek Lake into Saylorville Dam at Polk City,IA. It took us a little bit to find the access road which was long enough for other people to get the same idea. Things got to be a little crowded...especially since I wasn't real positive about my casting skills. I know what I need to do now. Go fishing when everyone else is at work,or practice casting over and over. A very skilled fisherman remarked at how the fish had been biting a week ago in the pool below the spillway. Several boats were taking advantage of the water in the middle. I think they were herding the schools of fish to the northside of the pool because that is where the fisher people were first to start getting strikes. The picture below is one of the most noted bridges found in Central Iowa. It is referred to as "The Mile Long Bridge", spanning the Saylorville Dam, at the west edge of Polk City. It was the backdrop to our second and final fishing spot for the day. Mother's Day here at Timber Life was spent with the man I chose to be the Father of my children. It was a very nice day...;)