Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sadie Says - Mole Patrol

Hello Ladies and Gents! Sure has been a while since I stopped by the computer to send off a note...This weather has been so inviting - I need to go outside and play.. My Mom caught me in action this afternoon. Walk anywhere around our yard and you will see these raised pieces of grass, tunnels , tunnels and more tunnels. Being a dog, I just can't leave the loose dirt alone. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to walk on by when I hear something going on under the ground. Stopping to listen, I strike my pointing pose, then Mom knows for sure what is going to happen next. The same thing happens everytime - sticking one front paw into the dirt pulling out a scoop of dirt, then the opposite front paw goes into that glorious cool, soft, dirt. Soon my mouth gets involved with pulling the grass out , my nose goes into the hole and I keep on opening up the ground.I usually have a blast moving dirt like a shovel. Pretty soon my mouth is so full of what has now become mud that I can't close my teeth. Heading inside I have to get a drink so my tongue won't stay glued down.
Today turned out differently...The Mole is M-i-n-e!!! ;)