Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Celebration

The clock reads 6:32 A.M., the calendar says September 21,2009, that makes me 52 years 37 minutes old... Friday, when Hubby and I were working on assembling a section of wall for our house/lodge, I played "100 Questions" to see if I could narrow down what he had planned for my birthday celebration. I asked about three different scenarios...A visit to Bass Pro Shops in Altoona was among them. Silly man ! He always gives himself away when I guess what he has planned. He gets a grin on his face, can't look me straight in the eye, and this time he turned his back to me to hide any further facial expression confirmations. He wouldn't verbally say at that point which one since he still wanted it to be a surprise. His comment when he turned away was that I hadn't been wrong about one of the guesses. Bass Pro Shops got the biggest reaction... ;) After 34 years of marriage you get to know how the other person thinks even if they don't think they are that transparent. Late Sunday afternoon I made my second visit to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. This time I got into the picture to record my visit. I kind of blend into the surroundings because of my apparel color choices.