Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Blast from the Past

I am having a great time going through old family photos.These two have brought to mind how we still haven't overcome the wiles of "Old Man" Winter. The pictures don't have a clear indication of what year they were taken but from some of the others that seem to be from the same time period,1929 - 1930, looks about right.The pictures were taken in the very Southern part of Southwest Iowa, or Northern part of Northwest Missouri along the border of the states.

The work looks to be a bit laborious even with the machine in the background.

We think we have it bad sometimes with high drifts blocking the country roads in our day and age. The only difference in the method is a higher powered, sleeker road grader,a county truck, maybe even a neighboring Farmer with a snow blower attached to his tractor to get things moved aside. Can't imagine guys getting out with scoops...

The work has been completed and the side walls certainly do make the man in the picture look small.Sure looks like some great 4X4 terrain if you ask me... ;)


SimplyOutdoors said...

Those are some great old photos. I guess the more things change the more they stay the same, huh?

And isn't it funny how Mother Nature is - even though we have much better equipment now then we did back then, we can still be snowed-in pretty easy.

I think it must be Global Warming that is causing it. Hehe.

CDGardens said...

Simply Outdoors - It is funny how things kind of stay the same...We are just a "next generation" to witness Mother Nature's activities.

Global Warming! Hehehehee, HAhahaa...Good laugh for the morning. ;)

The Hunter's Wife said...

We had a huge snow storm here about 30 years ago. I remember only because my first nephew was born that day and my Mom couldn't get to the hospital.

Great old photos. And as you both said, so true that some things do stay the same.

CDGardens said...

The Hunter's Wife - Yes, the early 70's seemed to bring an abundance of snowstorms.

Interesting how events are attached to memories of what kind of weather was happening.

I bet your mom was ready to get to the hospital when the weather cleared... ;)

Blessed said...

I drove down a gravel road last night that looked kinda like that - although I'm pretty sure those snow drifts were made with a plow on a pickup truck - not a guy with a shovel or a tractor!

CDGardens said...

Blessed - Those kind of drifts would be a challenge for a pickup with a blade...I say whatever works to open up the road to get out. ;)

Marian Love Phillips said...

I have never seen that much snow in my life living in the south. I guess you just get used to it. Thanks for sharing the old photos...that is a blast from the past! :)

CDGardens said...

Marian Love Phillips - Yes, with the choice to live in the heartland we adjust to Mother Nature's winter time
whims. Looks like she has tried to spread the cold eveywhere this year.