Tuesday, February 23, 2010

National Pheasant Fest

This weekend in Des Moines,IA the National Pheasant Fest is returning for another great time for the upland bird game hunter.

I haven't personally attended one of the gatherings,but from what I have heard they have a lot of things scheduled .

Weekend Agenda

Friday, February 26, 2010
12:45pmBird Dog Parade
(immediately preceding Ribbon Cutting)
HyVee Hall Entrance
1:00pmRibbon Cutting - Show OpensHyVee Hall Entrance
2:00pmSeminars and Sessions BeginHyVee Hall Meeting Rooms
6:00pmFriday Night Sportsman's Banquet - Boasting & ToastingPolk County Convention Center
7:30pmFriday Night Sportsman's Banquet - Dinner ServedPolk County Convention Center
8:00pmSeminars and Sessions EndHyVee Hall Meeting Rooms
9:00pmShow ClosesHyVee Hall
Saturday, February 27, 2010
9:00amShow OpensHyVee Hall
10:00amSeminars and Sessions BeginHyVee Hall Meeting Rooms
12:00pmConservation LunchPolk County Convention Center
5:00pmSeminars and Sessions EndHyVee Hall Meeting Rooms
6:00pmShow ClosesHyVee Hall
6:00pmSaturday Night Banquet - Boasting & ToastingPolk County Convention Center
7:30pmSaturday Night Banquet - Dinner ServedPolk County Convention Center
Sunday, February 28, 2010
8:00amChurch Service
10:00amShow OpensHyVee Hall
11:00amSeminars and Sessions BeginHyVee Hall Meeting Rooms
4:00pmSeminars and Sessions EndHyVee Hall Meeting Rooms
5:00pmShow Ends - Thank you for a great Pheasant Fest!HyVee Hall
(weekend agenda subject to change)

In taking a look at pictures,number #20 to be exact, from the last event held in Des Moines at the Iowa Events Center back in 2007, I saw a Springer Spaniel from the back that reminded me of my dog Sadie.

It is my understanding that Federal Premium Ammunition will be introducing a new pheasant shot called "Prairie Storm" at the Fest.  Click here to see a review by Anthony Hauck, outdoor writer for the Star Tribune  from Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN.

I have been checking out the website and ran across  some of the forage mixtures that Pheasants Forever have developed to supply the upland game birds and whitetail deer winter food sources. Dual purposes that could fit many situations.

It has been my personal observation that the pheasant population has had a huge decline in our local area and it wasn't by human hunting pressures.Sure would like to see the birds back to the same level of three to four years ago. ;)

The National convention is only a few days away and would make a great break in the monotonous winter weather that has been keeping us all with an eye to the sky. The forecast for the weekend in central Iowa is sun and temps in the 30's.  ;)

National Pheasant Fest
Mark your calendars:
Des Moines, IA

Friday, February 26th 1pm-9pm
Saturday, February 27th 9am-6pm
Sunday, February 28th 10am-5pm

Admission: $10/day

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I know,I know. Blog titles can be deceiving. ;)

When the hard-drive of my old computer wouldn't click out of it's death knell a while back ,I got a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system on a new e-machine.

The Windows Live Mail Program has some really entertaining, positive additions for people who want to keep things changing with their communications. I have found adding pictures to be very easy and giving them character by framing quite  delightful. Yes, it sounds like I'm bored...doesn't it?

Certainly, the capabilities I've discovered maybe possible with other programs, but this is the first I have been aware of them  being associated with an e-mail program that I have had the opportunity to use.

At this point I can see a lot of interesting situations with e-mail and photo editing programs at my disposal. I am the click and learn type individual. Just hope I don't wipe something out in the process. I won't, tongue in cheek, had to throw that in there for good measure.

Here's sharing my take of the Windows 7 Home Premium Live Mail Program. I like it! I like it! ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Timber Life Valentines

The  promise of more winter weather on Sunday the 14th, led Hubby and me to go shopping Friday evening after he got off work to prepare for our Valentine's celebration at home. Hubby and I had some ideas of what would be on the menu...so we headed to the fresh meat/seafood counter at our local store.

Timber Life Valentines Menu

                                 Salad splashed with Raspberry Vinaigrette
                                 New York Strip Steak
                                 Scallops (a la famous Boston Restaurant recipe)
                                 Mashed Potatoes with bacon and cheddar
                                 Mississippi Mud Pie Cheesecake

Hubby took over as Chef and everything was grilled, baked, and microwaved in time to catch the start of the Daytona 500. Go Bass Pro Shops Jamie McMurray !

Viewing the movie "Amelia" helped to fill in  time while we waited for the Daytona 500  track repair to cure and get the cars back onto the track.

Ah yes...I can't forget to share what Hubby brought  me this Happy Valentines Day. Recently, we acquired the Wii gaming system so we are starting to add accessories. Hubby and I took turns at being rookie game hunters. It is going to be interesting on how to get the response of the gun to mirror the response of the user better. Yes, probably needs some tweaking of the components. Sure is going to be fun working out the bugs.

OH! I can't forget the basket of sweet treats. Thanks to Hubby I have been supplied  with one of my favorite candies. I like cinnamon....HOT cinnamon. This little conveyor of sweet treats is sitting in a basketful of "Atomic Fireballs", not sure how long it will take me to munch my way through, but it should be well into the next year.
I thought is would be nice if Hubby could go flying at his Aero Club this year since he likes to get his feet off the ground whenever possible. So, the suggestion for him to go ahead and pay his full year of dues was met with a smile.

The snow stopping and the sun shining for a time made for a pleasant end
to the day.

Hope you all got a chance to celebrate with your special