Sunday, March 21, 2010

Celebrating Life

The Posting content is wide and varied here at Timber Life...

Today, I will share about two ladies who have seen over a century of changes pass by in their daily lives.
Our family recently gathered in Maryville,Mo. to celebrate the 102nd Birthday of my Great Aunt Roberta. She is seated on the right, by the edge of the table. Seated beside her is her 104 year old sister, Great Aunt Ethel, who made the trip from North of Council Bluffs,IA on a very dreary start to the day.

My Mom's Aunt Roberta lived most of her life in and around the small town where she was born Northwest of Maryville. In the last few years she has had some physical ailments that have required a bit more attention to keep her going; she has joined some other folks in a local Care Center.

104 year old Great Aunt Ethel lived independently until last October. She has since moved into an Assisted Living arrangement where she can get help if there is something she can't get accomplished on her own. She still enjoys reading the news paper daily for herself.

It was good medicine to the heart to see them greet one another! Unsteady legs on the part of Great Aunt Roberta gave rise to a little nudge from willing hands.

There were 8 children, 5 girls and 3 boys, from the Union of Samuel Edgar Livengood and Pearl Edith Harvey Livengood. Most of the siblings made it into their 80's, still a long full life.

These two remaining centenarians are an inspiration to all of us young whipper snappers who have yet to learn a thing or two....;)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sad News on the Wildlife Front

Please be informed this Post may include a picture that could be disturbing to some people.

This winter we have been treated to Eagles flying over almost daily. March 5th, gave me the opportunity to see more Eagles in one place than I had ever seen until that day. There was a positive count of 13 between two different locations. Others were spotted; I didn't stop driving again to see how many more...

This particular Bald Eagle was sitting across from a pasture watching its comrades.

Even yesterday,the 19th ,I caught two magnificent birds visiting in the neighborhood when I returned home from watching a couple of grand-kids before school. Both Eagles were doing what they do to fill their niche in nature.

I had been seeing deer gathering in some fields close to our county blacktop. The scarcity of food has brought about hunger,starvation and even death to many four hoofed brothers of the Timber. Falling from exhaustion wherever their bodies give way to solemn slumber. It truly brings sadness...

Then I checked out a story over at the Iowa DNR site after I heard that someone shot and killed a Bald Eagle in a county south of here. It was doing what raptors do to help cleanse the landscape.
This was one of three deer that fell visibly close to traveled paths by both man and wildlife.

It is one thing when animals become victims of their habitat.A happening that has repeated itself over and over this season.

However, you wonder what the story is of the person who felt it was their right to end the life of America's National symbol a Bald Eagle?....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Birds Are Back

In a comment left yesterday The Hunter's Wife said...Great pictures. We are having great weather. Saw a Robin last week...spring is here!
          I wasn't able to say that I had seen a Robin until this morning when a bunch came through - traveling with some Blackbirds and  Bluebirds. The Robin males had made their visible return to the Des Moines area Southwest of Timber Life some three weeks ago. They must have decided it was to early at that point to hit the countryscape.

There was a group of Blubirds darting through the air from perches to the ground looking for food.

This little Cardinal male looked a bit ruffled by all the outsiders stopping by to sit in his tree and eat his food on the ground. He was having a bad feather day...

As time goes on I know all of us will be able to add daily the evidence towards the impending calendar date called Spring a week from Saturday. ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Vs Are Here

It is with great excitement I write this post!

Sadie and I were on our almost daily trek to the mailbox this morning. I had gone back into the house to grab the camera because I had caught two tall standing whitetails in the pasture watching our every move. I knew we would be seeing wild life today...Well, of course the deer weren't there when I got back outside!

Found some raccoon tracks going the full length of our half mile drive.Hubby saw the black eyed bandit going out last night on his way into the house after dark.

Heard Red Winged Blackbirds, water birds, and the not so pretty crow was being raucous.

The Cardinals have been doing a fantastic job of calling in the sunrise as of late, just a very positive time of the morning to be out and around.

Got a picture of our melting mountains of snow and perennial plants that are showing new life.

The Lavendar is starting to green up at the tips.

The sedum has started new growth which seems to have become food for ground hugging animals.

Then there were Vs and Vs of geese flying by.

Caught the undersides of these guys going over when I stopped to snap some shots by the airplane hangars on my way back from retrieving the mail.

It is shaping up to be a great day!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Iowa Deer Classic 2010

We are reaching that time of year when all the Whitetail deer hunters in Iowa have a place to get together to show off their trophy Bucks,shed antlers, and their talents with the Bow.

In the two years that I have visited this event, I have gotten some really great ideas to put on my to-do list in an effort to improve conditions at Timber Life for the deer that call this property home.

So,what am I talking about? The annual Iowa Deer Classic of course!
Checkout the video taken at last year's event...A great introduction to what you will find if you get a chance to attend.

I know I had a great time finding out about all kinds of  products available for the  hunter in general...

Find out what happens at the Iowa Deer Classics

Iowa Events Center

Show Hours
Friday - March 5,2010 - 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday - March 6,2010 - 9:00 am to 7:00 pm
Sunday - March 7,2010 - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

General Admission
Adult $10
Youth (7 to 12) $5
Kids under 7 free
Big Buck Contest Ticket $20
Family Pack $25 (includes Two Adult tickets, Two Youth tickets, Two Soft Drinks)
Friday Night is Ladies Night! All ladies are admitted FREE!

Event Registration
Big Buck Contest: Fri 3pm thru Sun 11am
Shed Antler Contest: Fri 3pm thru Sun 11am
Classic 300 Archery Tournament: Fri 3pm thru Sun 11:30am

Door Prizes!
Daily Winners - Delta Targets
Grand Prize - Thompson-Center Muzzleloader

This is a great way to get the whole family involved in activities of the outdoors....;)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a Difference

What a difference a year has made!

Last year we had a warming spell that gave us open ground on this same date. By the end of this week it appears we will be headed up into the  40's for highs so  the ground will once again be peeking out. Going to be a strange phenomena since we've had snow on the ground since December 9th.

Is it Spring yet? ;)