Monday, July 26, 2010

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow

The last few years I have been reading about some exciting  experiences of those using Bows to hunt.

It  sure does spark a desire to  give another weapon other than my Remington 870 Youth Express 20 gauge shotgun a try.

I have been previewing different types of bows, compound, recurve and longbows. My choice was to go with the Martin Jaguar Takedown Recurve, after spending over a year in contemplation. The plan is to work on moving to a compound bow in the future; having experiences with all types of weaponry is the ultimate goal.

                                               Reasons I decided on the Martin Jaguar Takedown  -

  1. Portabilty with easy disassembly
  2. Brand name recognition

Kit contents and description :
  • Laminated wood and glass limbs for a smooth draw
  • Limbs remove from riser for easy transport
  • Durable riser
  • 7" brace height
  • 60" AMO length
  • Includes Armguard, tab, stringer, 3 carbon arrows, arrow rest and carry case.
  • Right hand only. Weighs 2 lbs., 11 ozs.
I decided to try the Amazon Link...Little did I know until clicking on it that the supplier fulfilling the request would end up being The Sportsman's Guide. Which was quite alright with me since it had been one of the places I had been shopping in my online searches.

Placing my order on a Sunday, they fulfilled it on Tuesday, and I had it by Wednesday. The bow kit was sent from a distribution location in St. Paul,MN. and I live in central Iowa. I am pleased with the swift service.

I have yet to get it out to give it a try,however, it is together and I do have some practice arrows that were included in the kit.

The only problem I found when the kit arrived was that the riser was not secured in the case, moving around loose, scuffing the limbs, but not hurting them significantly.

In my quest to have a few more arrows to try out, I headed over to E-bay and won 6 Used - Easton  Super Slam!, XX78 SupeLite  USA 2413 from a Michigan seller. The arrows are in very good used condition and the shipping once again was very timely.

My broadhead collection is starting with the Muzzy three blade. I have heard good things about several brands and will be investing in some others to find the right one(s) for my set-up
Until I can get a target, I will use some big round hay bales, that is until they get moved for storage elsewhere.

Off to try something new...;)

Disclaimer- I am an Amazon Affiliate. Should you decide  to purchase items from the links it would benefit me. A note to mention , affiliates are able to purchase from their own links, and receive a percentage of sales in return. Thanks!


    Casey said...

    I have been thinking about trying a bow like this. I'll be looking forward to what you have to say about them.

    SimplyOutdoors said...

    Awesome. Welcome to the world of archery. I caution you, though, because you'll probably get hooked.

    CDGardens said...

    Casey - I will share my recurve bow learning experiences. Personal accessory customzation like sight, arrow rest and possibly a stabilizer are in the future.

    SimplyOutdoors - You are one of the inviduals influencing my choice to pursue a skill in archery hunting. Thanks for being such a good ambassador for everything Outdoors.

    Marian Ann Love said...

    I wish you all the luck cdgardens and the bales will be excellent to shoot into. I did bow hunt way back when and enjoyed it. Come close a few times but love my .270 rifle more. I enjoyed the experience just being in the outdoors and really was not into it as much as my husband. I still have my Martin Lynx compound bow. I did stick a big doe but it bounced off of her shoulder bone and she got away. You will have all kinds of experiences and a lot of fun. Wishing you the very best in your new adventure.

    Oh, I really like you new look...very nice! :)

    CDGardens said...

    Marian Love Phillips - Thanks Marian. I need to take some time to get busy with it, because I got it to try this coming season in a few months.

    I do know that I want to get some hunting blind situations set-up to get some cover. Reading about broadheads, I have much to learn, and a whole lot of experimenting it sounds like.

    If it was legal to hunt with a rifle here I would do it in a heartbeat. There wouldn't be any doubt if the deer was down.

    Thanks for the compliment Marian. I want to keep things changing so we all have something different to see now and then. ;)