Monday, July 5, 2010

Sadie Says - Oh YUM!

Hey there gentlemen, ladies and kind fellow four legged people lovers. 

Stopping by the blog world to let you know that I'm still around keeping Mom in line.

The berry season is coming to a close for the second time in my short life, but not without getting my share of the "Goods".

Mom seems to think she is going to try to get a couple more pounds  of raspberries and maybe, some of the gooseberries.

My Mom doesn't have to worry about me eating to much. After I get enough, I just quit and go find a place to lay down...Whether it be where Mom is picking berries, or under a close shade tree.

My nose knows which berry is the  best of the

Seems I have reawakened my wild side...(wink, wink)  

Time to totter off and dream about MORE berries.... ;)


Marian Love Phillips said...

Sadie is such a sweet girl helping you out! She knows what is good to eat. Enjoyed reading her post and seeing her pics! :)

SimplyOutdoors said...

Sadie is definitely a cute. She kind of makes me want a dog again.

CDGardens said...

Marian Love Phillips - Sadie is very sweet. Thanks for stopping by! ;)

CDGardens said...

Simply Outdoors - Thank you for the compliment. Sadie does have a special presence.
I hope someday you get the chance to have another dog. ;)