Thursday, February 18, 2010


I know,I know. Blog titles can be deceiving. ;)

When the hard-drive of my old computer wouldn't click out of it's death knell a while back ,I got a Windows 7 Home Premium operating system on a new e-machine.

The Windows Live Mail Program has some really entertaining, positive additions for people who want to keep things changing with their communications. I have found adding pictures to be very easy and giving them character by framing quite  delightful. Yes, it sounds like I'm bored...doesn't it?

Certainly, the capabilities I've discovered maybe possible with other programs, but this is the first I have been aware of them  being associated with an e-mail program that I have had the opportunity to use.

At this point I can see a lot of interesting situations with e-mail and photo editing programs at my disposal. I am the click and learn type individual. Just hope I don't wipe something out in the process. I won't, tongue in cheek, had to throw that in there for good measure.

Here's sharing my take of the Windows 7 Home Premium Live Mail Program. I like it! I like it! ;)