Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Birds Are Back

In a comment left yesterday The Hunter's Wife said...Great pictures. We are having great weather. Saw a Robin last week...spring is here!
          I wasn't able to say that I had seen a Robin until this morning when a bunch came through - traveling with some Blackbirds and  Bluebirds. The Robin males had made their visible return to the Des Moines area Southwest of Timber Life some three weeks ago. They must have decided it was to early at that point to hit the countryscape.

There was a group of Blubirds darting through the air from perches to the ground looking for food.

This little Cardinal male looked a bit ruffled by all the outsiders stopping by to sit in his tree and eat his food on the ground. He was having a bad feather day...

As time goes on I know all of us will be able to add daily the evidence towards the impending calendar date called Spring a week from Saturday. ;)