Sunday, April 11, 2010

Serene Setting

Iowa highway 330 went from two to four lane several years back. This marsh was one among several created during road construction. Increasing the number and quality of water bodies for our feathered friends has certainly helped them to stay around longer locally.

I usually pass by this marsh once a week and say to myself - "Now why didn't you bring the camera?" Well,today was the day,there are always birds of interest in or around the water. The weather was fantastic! So, I stopped to catch some varied waterfowl species.

I am not an expert in waterfowl identification. I have tried to locate information on a couple of the birds seen bobbing in the water,but at this writing I am unable to name them. My lack of foresight in bringing binoculars has left me without sharp definition of the two sitting mid-picture. I assume one is a male duck because of his bright colors. The other partially covered by upright vegetation, appears to be in the duck family, sitting on a nest?

This little goose was sitting away from the more populated island, in the company of a Red-Winged Blackbird, who was also enjoying the wetland experience.

It was interesting that for the most part life went on while I was there...My presence wasn't that disturbing. I suppose with cars and trucks going by at all hours they have developed a tolerance for outside stimulus.

I plan to keep an eye on things to see if baby ducks and goslings will become an addition to this serene setting in the future. ;)