Friday, May 14, 2010

How Sweet it IS !

Last week I bought a new Hummingbird feeder because the I had the feeling we would be having our timber mates back home soon. I boiled up some sugar water and put it outside...

The Baltimore Orioles seemed a bit late in their return, but they knew when it was okay to come back. I heard them in the trees on Friday last week and caught a picture of one Saturday night.
I wanted to bring them closer for viewing this season. As you can tell, they have found the feeder on the deck. I am extremely pleased that they haven't been shy about coming to visit.
Hello There!!!! A female Oriole checked me out as I peeked around the drapes to get a picture to put in my 2010 Oriole file.The streak - stage left, finally came to rest after checking out the feeder. I kept seeing something flash by and surmised I was apart of a reconnaissance mission . A Ruby-throated male has found some a sweet treat. The feeder is now fulfilling its purpose. ;)
I really must fly...

Later!  ; )