Tuesday, June 8, 2010

One Week and Counting in the Rest of Their Lives

One week ago and counting, Hubby and I  headed South to the Des Moines, IA Botanical Center. A fantastic destination to learn more about plants of the World with seasonal additions to add color.

The day turned off like one you might experience in July, or August, but certainly not the last of May! Temps reached 90 degrees with high humidity to match.

The reason for this visit was because our family was adding a new member to it's ranks and the gazebo in the herb garden happened to be the chosen location for this happy occasion .

The winding paths,blooming plants and garden statuary made a very lovely setting for a springtime wedding.

Hubby's brother Bryan and  his daughter,our niece Lexee, as they prepare to meet her intended, Jacob, in the gazebo.

The wedding party came a short distance from the main building to a circular path. The two people would go opposite directions on the circular path...meeting once again on the other side, Once everyone gathered the couple exchanged self-written vows.

                      Jacob and Lexee's Story  

Jacob and Lexee met in 1990 when Jacob moved in across the street from Lexee's family. They became fast friends and developed a close, long lasting friendship, that survived teenage angst, college, and even other relationships. Throughout it all, Lexee and Jacob came out together and, in 2005, decided to stop searching for the wrong people and started dating. Three and a half years later, in October of 2008, Jacob popped the question.
 So, after all their years together, on May 30,2010, they took their vows to become Man and Wife.
Truly,a joyous event.

A popular Des Moines night spot was the next stop. Closed to the public,the evening went to the next level.

Family and friends  came to celebrate with the happy couple...Dining,Toasts,Dancing and laughter filled the air.

Such a beautiful wedding cake ! It was an all in the family creation. Lexee's sister is the artist who helped get  the plan visualized to paper , then my daughter, Lexee's cousin, baked and decorated. What a wonderful team they made!

I  believe my S-IN-L (son-in-law) even helped out on the base frosting application.  ; )

Congratulations to the happy couple! May your lives continue be filled with Love, Laughter and Understanding... ;)