Friday, June 11, 2010

The Wild Berries Ripen

As I was looking through the way some one arrived at my blog over at the BlogLog I saw the query "When do Wild Raspberries ripen in Iowa?" I would like to respond to that question.

It is very likely that there are some Wild Raspberries being picked in the southern tier counties of Iowa as we speak.

Here is what the Wild Raspberries are doing here at Timber Life today. This afternoon you can see a red tinge beginning in the middle of the group.

They are pretty predictable in that they usually begin to ripen by the end of the third week of June. The  middle black cap starts off blushing red. I begin to pick them when they turn black and shiny with juice filled pockets.

I usually eat them plain, as a garnish to several different foods or topped with Reddi-wip. Maybe, this year I will put them in some sort of dessert.

Last summer Wandering Owl Outside gave us an idea how the berries could be made into a tasty treat. Check it out.

Another berry that is making a splash in the timber is the  messy Mulberry. However, when it comes to  right off the tree sweet treats they rank pretty highly.   
The birds seem to have a homing beacon when the berries are at their best.

One of the bad things about the Mulberry is its ability to reproduce prolifically. Guess I will just have to take the good  with the bad.

Gooseberries, the first fruit that I pick of the summer season, can be picked starting the last of May, the first part of June, it is one many find to create a pucker in its early green stage.

If the gooseberry stays on the bush  and gets to the wine colored stage it is very mellow and even  becomes sweet.

Whatever wild fruit that fits your taste bud you should be heading to the woods  soon

So, to answer the question of  "When do Wild Raspberries ripen in Iowa?"
Now is the time to keep an eye on your favorite patches....