Saturday, July 10, 2010

Time to Hay and See

The weather turned off dry for about 4 days last week. It gave my hunting mentor and neighbor time to do some grass cutting in my north pasture.
After raking and letting it dry down a bit he enlisted the help of one of his friends to stack those bales for him.They brought out four full racks and a half of another. Today, they are working on getting another racks worth out...
I like when he cuts the grass, because it opens up the vista for me to see what wildlife is passing through the field.

The past two years there had been a a turkey nest filled with eggs when the pasture was trimmed. No mention has been made of a nest this year, but I have seen a hen making use of the timber in the vicinity of the house.

This good sized Doe has a fawn in the area. She is constantly moving around in the fields close to the house.  A beautiful animal with very statuesque features when she strikes an observant pose. Her attention always drifts towards the homestead, because she knows she is being watched.

I enjoy watching  the family use the little deer plots I planted last summer for their own cafeteria. It isn't often in the daylight that deer are found eating there right now.

On the day they visited, the fawn was darting here, and there, excercising its young legs, putting on a show for whoever might be in attendance... ;)