Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Groundhog Rises Again

WHewie! Today is one of those days you stop and reflect on flash backs from the past. 

Good old days when The Ground Hog Hilton was busy that one summer. Guess it was back in September of '07 if memory serves me right. Yep.... '07.

It started like this...My side kick Sadie and I were off to the land of Garden Delights - had some weed wrasseling to do. While I was hard at work yanking, and pulling around the cantaloupe, Sadie was off  putting her sniff on the territory.

MY WORD! Some critter just past my feet without as much as a howdy do, landing smack dab, flat against the fence. Hmmmm, a familiar shape only smaller. I followed suit to see about scaring it out of the garden the same way it had entered, through the open gate.

Couldn't get Sadie's attention for a bit, thought if she got on the same side of the critter I was it would head out. The poor thing was pinned, its back to the fence taking a defensive posture while clicking its teeth. Sadie darting in and back, eventually out the gate herself, opening up the opportunity to give that little plant eater a heave with my trusty three tined garden tool. (Where's the camera when you need it?!?)

As I lifted that miniature clover muncher, giving it a toss, it laid on its back looking around until Sadie came to investigate. 

Whoops! Sadie couldn't let this chance go by without chasing it off into the Timber full tilt until it wasn't seen any longer.

It looks like an exciting season ahead! ; )