Monday, February 28, 2011

Decorah,IA Eagle Cam

We often get to see our wild friends up close in their own spaces...bear dens, river cams and trail cameras.

Today, I would like to share an Iowa based Eagle Cam. The Cam belongs to the Raptor Resource Project.

When I first started watching last week I could hear Canadian Geese flying around as I kept my vigil.

It is my understanding the Eagle family are expecting their offspring for the season.

Please enjoy...

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Monday, February 7, 2011

A Visit to the Iowa Aviation Museum

Photo by fellow EAA #675  member  Gary Brandenburg

It was Saturday, January 29th,2011 and there was a ride being planned from the airport at Boone,IA to the  14th Annual Chili Fly-In at the Iowa Aviation Museum at Greenfield.

A couple of our Grand-kids (Joseph and Delaney seated beside the guy in the brown sweater)had decided they would like to go with PawPaw Corey for an outing and maybe a chance to go by  airplane.
Hubby and his friend were keeping their eyes on the weather forecast to see about getting the friend's plane out to take a hop. The 8:00 A.M. hour arrived on Saturday - time to make the choice to head it into the clouds, or leave it in the hangar ...
Farm Lady Delaney and Flying Farmer Joseph

The decision came down. Leave the plane in the hangar. Weather wasn't the problem at the beginning of the day, but could possibly make the return a little more difficult than they had hoped. Frozen precipitation had been spotted on the radar to the Northwest.

Hopping in the car, all of them took off to add support to the little museum's wintertime  fund raising event; giving aid to keeping the memories alive of outstanding Iowa Aviators in the Hall of Fame ...

Joseph kept on the move checking things over

It was definitely cold, both on the ground and in the air, a great day for getting together with fellow pilots to linger in the ambiance of a well stocked hangar.

Please click Vintage Aircraft to see photos of the planes now on display.

Delaney and Joseph - Barstormers Extraodinaire
 What a great way to have some fun!

Our future Aviators didn't even have to leave the ground  to have contagious smiles to share.

Passing through  Iowa on vacation?

The museum is located off Interstate 80 at exit 86. Take highway IA - 25 south to Airport Rd,located north of the City of Greenfield. 

Airplane enthusiasts,or people like me interested in learning something new, will certainly enjoy stopping to checkout their displays.

Oh! While you are in the vicinity go on into town to visit.Greenfield has another distinction to add to their list. Back in 1969, their town square played host to the movie "Cold Turkey"... ;)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Our national weather prognosticating Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil seems to believe we are in for an early Spring. No shadow cast at Gobblers Knob this February 2, 2011.

Good news for everyone feeling the wrath of the current wide spread weather front throwing down snow and ice in it's path. Not to forget our friends in the South getting those unsettled cooler temperatures and tornado threats...

Sunshine,the sweet scent of springtime blossoms, and the soft twitter of happy songbirds are coming our way in 6 weeks. ;)