Monday, April 11, 2011

Tornadoes Hit Northwest Iowa

The beautiful April Spring weather turned tempestuous in Northwestern Iowa as a supercell thunderstorm came charging in from Nebraska on Saturday.

Blogspot Storm Chasers from Kansas and Iowa share their eye witness experiences of what they saw when this weather system started its destructive path.

I found the following videos from the weekend  at  , a website devoted to showing us the extreme weather that has a growing number of people trying to capture digitally for others to view. More and more information is being gathered and the tools some of them use is quite sophisticated to track the developing storms.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the communities that were touched by the numerous funnels. Reports say that as many as 27 twisters were spawned as the system passed over from mid-afternoon into the early morning hours.


Twin Tornadoes at Pocohontas,IA

We were not apart of the extreme weather here at Timber Life, but did see the lightening and hear the thunder in the distance to our north as the storm raced on to adjacent States...


Marian Love Phillips said...

Thanks for sharing the videos and glad you were not in the direct line of the bad weather. I have never seen twin tornadoes before. That was awesome!

CDGardens said...

Marian Love Phillips - You're welcome. We certainly are keeping everyone touched by the extreme weather of Spring in our thoughts and prayers. It has been widespread.

The twin tornadoes are awesome. They might be more common than we many things being learned about mesocyclones by the Storm Chasers.