Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Robins in Waiting

This past weekend was extremely moderate for this early stage of Spring here in Central Iowa. As the day progressed I observed Robins filling the fields.

Late in the day I saw a partial Albino Robin hopping around with his flight mates. I tried getting a picture of it in the field, but due to distance it didn't workout at the time. Patience gave me another opportunity when part of the flock wanted to search our backyard for a treat. Among them the Albino I caught sight of earlier.

Heading off to pick-up my memory card from the trail camera the next day, I once again found a partial Albino Robin with the pack hanging around our homestead.

According to the link I found, one in 30,000 Robins exhibit this trait.

My curiosity was sparked a few weeks ago. When my son got this picture, snapped with his cell phone,while he was out on a Disc Golf course 30 miles to the West of us.

This Robin certainly is exhibiting more absence of color than the one I saw flying around here.

Makes me want to carry a camera around more in case something out of the ordinary should happen to cross my path.

Our fields have been home to 1000's of migrating Robin Redbreasts since things have warmed up.

I am wondering if they are waiting for the snowstorms
to  move out up North before they leave the R&R they have found.

Mass ascensions from trees and ground created some awesome scenes over the landscape.

The only problems that may have kept the Robins looking over their right wings would have been the
local Red -Tailed Hawk, Sadie on her runs and me with my camera in hand.

This local was being harangued by the crows who are constantly making sure it keeps moving.

As it rose over the pasture on my way back from picking up the mail, I caught it gliding high on the wind, surveying all that lay below...

Here's wishing you a good day!