Sunday, December 18, 2011

Housecat or Bobcat?

Some days you just want to get up on a tree stump and holler,please forgive my colloquial term for "Shout" or "Exclaim" with exuberance.The latter do NOT fit my train of thought.

On my trail camera on October 5th, this year I caught the image of what I believe to be the rear half of a feline creature of sorts, during the daylight hours no less. What is vexing me,vexing a term used by a past blog posteress Dana at The Wildwoods Woman when she got disturbed, is that the picture was a one time event and not extremely clear. Low camera batteries were leading to some eradic captures about that time.

My picture has been shown  to a trained Wildlife Biologist and I have shared it with a couple other people. The opinion as to specific feline varies. Others won't go as far as to say it could be a Bobcat, but I will. That possibility exists because one was caught on a trail camera north of our place less than a month ago.

The reason given by most is they feel it could be a feral cat...However, I haven't seen a spot pattern like that on a domestic/feral cat. Another reason they feel it can't be a Bobcat is because of the tail. They can't see a bob tail and it appears more bushy than that of a Bobcat .

My reason for seeing it as a larger animal than a housecat  is the strong design of the rear leg caught in that one camera view.
My Mystery Feline?

One person even told me they thought it looked like a picture of our Miss Kitty...I just smiled and said"you think so eah?", as I shook my head.

Have you caught anything like it on your trail cameras? Does it resemble a domestic/feral cat from your point of view?

Let me hear what you think on the matter.