Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Decorah Eagle Cam 2012

                            Decorah Eagle Cam Live Feed

Video streaming by Ustream

The Eagles are setting again...The first egg was laid on January 17th, 2012 and the tentative hatch date is March 25,2012.

Once again The Raptor Research Project is providing the 24/7 coverage for all of us to enjoy Eagle watching - the upbringing of another majestic bird...


Anonymous said...

Lucky you. We used to have Great Blue Herons nesting every spring but they moved on. Only see a fly by now and again.

CDGardens said...

vicomtesse - Iowa has a growing Eagle population. The Decorah pair is the only one that is caught on camera, I think. We are privileged, as you might be aware,to have a nesting pair at a local Marsh...about a mile away as the crow flies.

We have a good Blue Heron population happening, but the Marsh is drying up, so until it rains I imagine we won't see them fly over as often.

Isn't it fun to watch all the different kinds of wildlife hanging around?