Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Snow has Arrived

The big flakes began falling before noon and with no wind they floated straight down.

Ah, what a lovely snow we have been blessed with today.

I have become accustomed to the on/off type winter we seem to continue to enjoy this year. It has been about seven years since we last saw similar weather; if memory serves me correctly.

Please forgive the picture quality...gray skies and snow aren't lending themselves to perfect image catching conditions.

I believe however, you can probably discern the object of this shot.

You are correct! That is if you guessed a Robin...
They have been hanging around for some time now, and for some reason unbeknownst to us it always has to snow at least once, or twice after their return.

Visibility varied from minute to minute.

I didn't find it totally unpleasant to be out and about; going from our mobile home to our new house.

Hubby and I are putting some time in today cutting wood and building some wall frames in our new house.

This picture was taken from the doorway of our new house when the snow was peppering down.
A Red-tailed Hawk came back to sit in the same Cottonwood, where I saw one this morning, but this time a lower branch was more to it's liking.

He stuck around during the lull between shots of the fluffy white stuff.

Cardinals could be heard  singing their sweet spring songs, which started the other birds to join in the chorus. Overall it seemed a welcoming to whoever might be close enough to listen.

This afternoon is ending with about two inches of new snow on the ground.

Not a good wet snow for making snowmen I don't think...Maybe I should go give it a try.

I can still smile, because this will all be gone tomorrow.

Spring temperatures are forecast for our week with rain a possibility come Wednesday.

The gardening bug has placed a thought of early crops that might profit from being put into the ground soon. Even if it snows again......

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