Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter has Arrived

The  bubble broke this week keeping us without the seasonal snow cover . Up until now the little amounts dropped in fast moving fronts have disappeared within hours or a day at most. Tuesday, brought 2-3 inches and on radar the storm today is expanding. As of the forecast this morning they are telling us 3", but a chance for more might be possible.,time will tell...Don't want wind above 5 mph the dreaded drifts would start whipping up and closing the driveway.

Picture taken at 7:54 AM

Not the first time for the air to be filled with snow at Timber Life this year...However, it is the first time for us to see an accumulation on the increase.

Ah! Recent weather update says the snow should end in Des Moines by the end of the morning . Wouldn't you know it the roads are reportedly slick in my neck of the woods. Hubby's commute home could be interesting  later today.
Latest Local update 9:08 AM

Wait a few minutes - it appears we are again going to luck out without a huge deluge of those big snowflakes continuing to drift earthwards.

I am already looking forward to the February thaw, or at least temps in the 20's without wind. "Could we be in for winter into late March???", I say with a sigh...