Monday, February 6, 2012

Still Seeing Scrapes?

My pictures are getting dated already...A week and a half ago we had a layer of snow laying around , the warm temperatures weren't yet making much of a difference in the white stuff disappearing.

While out for a walk I discovered on  one side of the ravine dissecting the property  that the small trees seemed to carry new bark injuries with ground scrapes in close proximity . Signs of a late rut? Only a thought after seeing an antlered buck in the vicinity with does and their offspring frequenting the area.

Deer hoof printed frozen creek
The little creek running through the ravine still made a ribbon of solid ice for the deer to use as a path to get from place to place. Totally dependent on available moisture from land run-off there is varying levels from season to season.
On the opposite side of the ravine I found a different scenario, the bark was being shredded in what I believe to be the beginning of another stage in the life and times of the whitetail buck population in our area...