Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Retroactive Look of February Weather at Timber Life

Going through my blogposts I came across one, three years and a few days ago. Definitely a big difference in the amount of snow that year compared to this one at Timber Life. We were finally beginning to see some open ground with the growing strength of the afternoon sun.

This year we haven't seen any great accumulation of  snow. Sometimes it has taken a few hours,a couple of days to a week to disappear, but our tractor which usually has been called to duty already to get that stuff out of the way hasn't been used for that cause. At least not yet...

                                                                 February 7th, 2012

Posted on February 5th, 2009

The deer have been populating open areas to feed. They are hungry and continue to search for food at all hours of the day now.

Timber floors still being covered with layers of snow, takes the deer out where the sun has opened ground in the thawing spells of last weekend.

These deer are only a sampling of what I saw and what has been seen.

Notice all the young ones...that number continues to grow because of the capability of 6 month old does to conceive and become mothers. I continue to see a very small deer,which I assume was born at the end of last summer, running with the herd.

Too much attention sent them off to look just over the fence for somewhere else to enjoy a nibble...

Returning to February 7th, 2012

Our deer population isn't as numerous as it was back in 2009 and before. Extreme winters,human hunting quotas and coyotes have been a factor in my opinion to a decline that seemed to become evident from my perspective last year. Maybe others see a different slant on the same picture.

The weather in the last week has brought some heavy fogs to blanket us. Yesterday, turned out to produce quite a show as the fog began to ascend at 11:30 in the morning. The sun didn't breakout of the clouds until much later in the day. However, before the temperatures warmed and sent the frost dashing earthward - I captured some visions of Mother Nature's crystalline designs to create works of my own for decorating my cabin in the woods...