Sunday, February 12, 2012

Local Habitat for Humanity ReStore

We are doing some housebuilding here at Timber Life, if you have been reading my posts a while you may have heard me speak of it.

The weather has turned off absolutely frigid the last couple of days and the nails are bending as we try to get the room walls put together. We don't have the ability to warm up our space.  We are dependent on the ambient temperature  for pliability of wood, as well as personal warmth...

With the inability to build yesterday, we decided it was time go find some fixtures to move forward when we warm up a little in the next week.

Our first stop for the day began at our local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. I wanted to get there early since the inventory changes from day to day. We arrived five minutes before the store doors opened for the scheduled Saturday: 9:00 - 6:00. Hubby and I were the third vehicle in the lot wanting to peruse the stock without having a lot of competition, but others had the same thought. The store was soon bustling with deal seekers.

We pulled into the parking lot about five minutes before the store opened
I want to applaud the location upgrade recently experienced by the ReStore. They had their beginning in a smaller building with a lack of parking; as they became better known they outgrew the space.

My visits to my Mom in Des Moines allowed me the chance to watch the reclamation of a building/business on Euclid Ave. and I-235, left vacant by one of the first lumber companies I became aware of on the eastside after calling the area home.

The Des Moines Home and Garden Show is in town this weekend too. A booth there is surely going to help  the public to become more aware of the alternative opportunities in recycling leftover, or unwanted building supplies. The inventory contains both new, and used.

My next post will give a little insight to what I saw...