Sunday, May 20, 2012

Northeast Iowa Bear Sighting 2012

This past week, Tuesday, May 15th, Northeast Iowa, specifically Ridgeway ,11 miles east of Decorah, found themselves hosts to another uncommon sight.

You ask what sight that might be??? Well,it happens to be another Black Bear sighting.
Picture owned by: Terry Hovden       Black Bear leaving  Ridgeway, IA
In the last three years Iowa seems to be witnessing an increase in transient Black Bear visits. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources have stated that verified statistics list 30 Black Bear visits since the 1960's,or should we be increasing that number?

Another bear was seen wandering north of West Union early Friday morning, it was believed to be the same bear first seen at Rideway earlier in the week.

Later Friday, after the Fayette County Sheriff's department searched the area, they located the bear not far from the North Fayette County High School. The officials locked down the school until the Law Enforcement people escorted the bear to a wooded area northwest of town.

The warning remains to Northeast Iowa citizens by the Iowa DNR - if you should see a bear leave them alone and they will usually exit the area without incident...