Monday, May 21, 2012

Partial Eclipse of the Sun

Last night Hubby and I pulled out our lawn chairs to become witnesses to the partial eclipse visible to us here in central Iowa. The moon moved over 2/3 of the sun starting at 7:23pm and we stopped watching at 8:17pm, when the sun went out of clear viewing below the horizon.

We had forgotten to look for the UV filter to go on the camera earlier, so Hubby figured out an alternative solution. He wears glasses and uses non-prescription clip-ons. Well, in a pinch they made for a good camera filter.
The suggested method for safely viewing the eclipse - poking a hole in a piece of cardboard, and focusing on another, was the first used since the sun was still too bright to look at directly.
Miss Kitty made herself right at home when we brought out the lawn chairs taking over my place. Sadie sat for a little while until her nose took over and scents were there to be explored.

Good News! We get to do this again in two years...