Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Whitetail Fawn in the Timber

Today, I caught the sight of a new whitetail addition to Timber Life. My trail camera timer said it was 1:44pm this afternoon they passed within picture taking range.

I have been monitoring a location not far from the house and finally it has confirmed my suspicions. An indication that the "birthing room" aka timber was getting attention was the constant sighting of does still close to the house. Usually they disappear, but the spring range in the last 3 or more years has kept them very close...The fawns haven't been dropped in the yard yet - I do hope someday to witness that event.

Historically at Timber Life the fawns are brought out to chew on my Burning Bush about the 3rd of June.

The other reason I have been keeping the trail camera in its present location;I have wanted to see how often the coyotes frequent this area.

Sadie, our Springer Spaniel was defending her territory at 5:30 AM a month before this picture... A coyote was using a ravine in the middle of a pasture we were taking a walk in as a corridor - a frequent event in the night, and early morning hours.

It makes me wonder if it possibly was looking for a meal with the Does now actively giving birth?

                        Proud momma taking her baby for a walk to get it used to the surroundings.

                The fawn appears to be having some anxiety after its mother disappeared from view.

                                                                         Time to GO!

I am anxious to see more of the new whitetail babies, it is fun to watch them dart around the yard in their version of playing tag. Reminds me of human children when they learn how to manage to stand and use there new found skills...