Friday, June 15, 2012

Black Bear in Bremer County Iowa

Picture owned by Jade Bergmann
The Black Bear first sighted up by Ridgeway continues to make it's way around the Northeast part of Iowa.

June 11th, 2012, brought more citizen reports from the Bremer County town of Frederika, of a Black Bear wandering the area.

The latest photographer documenting the bear's location is Jade Bergmann.

Below are maps roughly showing where the Black Bear has made itself known.

From: Ridgeway, IA To: Fredericksburg, IA
Ridgeway to Fredericksburg - May 15th - 21st
From: Fredericksburg, IA To: Frederika, IA
Fredericksburg to Frederika - May 21st - June 11th

It is speculation as to the next destination of the young bear, but officials feel it is moving in large circles heading east and will return to it's home range.

I have a feeling the Saga of the Black Bear will continue for a while this year...More updates likely later.