Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Timber Life Rut Report

Time to share some central Iowa info on a seasonal event. I don't know how many among you get emotionally charged like me when I  see the first signs that indicate the White-tail deer are beginning the rut season, but I am guessing a few with the search results I see on how people are finding my blog.

Here at Timber Life I start searching for buck rubs around October 17th, I was not to be disappointed with a change of date. The morning of October 17th, right on cue, there was a visible rub in the opposite corner of a pasture next to our homestead. A couple days later I headed off in a few directions to see how far the boundaries had extended from what I knew as the starting point. This is the second year for that particular rub, but it didn't become evident until December last year.
First Buck Rub

I moved a few hundred feet west of the first rub and found two more rubs not far apart, crossed over the ravine and found a concentration of small trees...some getting shredded to the point they had lost their tops.

 My comment at this point would have to be that I am seeing bucks and does with nose to the ground, or tasting the air, searching for that right scent. I have witnessed a few chase scenes during the early morning grazing of the soybean field as the deer pass back into the timber for the day.

I keep moving my trail camera in an attempt to catch the bucks making their mark, but so far it seems to take time off when things are heating up.

Other locations on our property have seen an increase in activity as well. I will make note in my record keeping that one of the most used rubs - one I thought would be the first to show any kind of attention, didn't until this past week.

I would have to say the deer are definitely on the move. Please remain aware of your surroundings if they commonly make your path, their path...