Monday, November 5, 2012

Does Bigfoot Live in Provo Canyon?

This morning I came across this interesting Youtube video. Tell me what you think these young men saw during their camping trip.

Decorah Eagles Return

The Decorah Eagle couple of camera fame have returned to build a new nest away from cameras to rear their new family come February.

A report by Bob Anderson with the Raptor Resource Project, said they won't be able to move the webcam to the new nest 300 feet away from the old one until after the new eaglets hatch and leave the nest.

It is my understanding at this point that attempts to keep the public informed about the future family will be done by taking digital still photos.

I will miss the opportunity to see the close-up shots of the chicks from hatching to flying away to start families of their own.

A little research has brought to my attention that eagles may build more than one nest within their territories and will build new nests if they lose a mate.

Something I wonder about in this situation is if they are aware of the webcam that had been keeping an eye on them? Maybe they were tired of the peeping public...

In any event I hope to bring updates in the future when the expectation of the new family is announced.